a passion for God

Thursday, July 26, 2007

we brainstormed through dozens of possible themes for our missions conference in 2006. there were a lot of good thoughts, a lot of trite phrases, and a lot of promising starts. the more we talked, and as we had further meetings, it looked like "a passion for God" was winning out.

because, really, missions is about our passion for God spilling out as we share the good news with those around us, far and near. the more we get to know who God is, the more we want more people to recognize his amazingness! He is worth it!

so we went with "a passion for God" with several different phrases after that: "for He is worthy" "that all may hear" and so on. this logo came to me more quickly than any other logo ever has. i saw it in my mind, did a couple variations, and we were done. it's still one of my favorites. nothing fancy or complicated, just a basic color scheme and simple lines.

we like to have a little something to give out as reminders in the weeks leading up to a missions conference, so we did some magnets and bookmarks. I won't be ordering magnets from that particular company again, as they barely held themselves on to a surface, let alone even the thinnest piece of paper! color registration was less than stellar also.

the bookmarks were much more successful...we had them printed up as 2-sided postcards cut in half, so there were a total of 4 different sides of bookmarks. i took photos of maps—a world map, and a local map and did a grainy gray treatment on them with our theme verse printed on top. they're quite handy to have around...as bookmarks and as a reminder of who I am and what I'm called to...

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