raccoons and missionaries

Friday, July 13, 2007

so, today I thought I'd write a post just so that I could begin a third post in a row with the word "so." I believe this originated with my friend Jen Elmo (who is no longer Jen Elmo, but Jen Corey!), as she would often completely change the subject of conversation while making it sound like it was what we'd been talking about all along by starting with "so..."

for example: say we'd been talking right along about where we were going to go to dinner. at some point in the discussion of Japanese vs. Thai vs. Indian, Jenny would say something like this: "…so, I have a nest of baby raccoons living in my attic." or some other such totally unrelated item that felt like it should have been preceded with something more dramatic than "so." This was not an exact transcript of a particular conversation, but we have eaten Japanese, Thai & Indian food together (I think?) and she did, at one point, have a family of raccoons living in her attic.

you've probably figured out that the image above has nothing to do with raccoons or Thai food. it's part of a project I've been working on with Michael and Erika for a several months now to help them out with their deputation process. I've known them for several years now, designed their wedding invitations, and have been going through the process of creating a brochure, prayer card, letterhead and some banners for them to use as they travel around raising support for heading off to Italy in the hopefully near future.

It's fun working with them, as Michael usually has a pretty clear idea of what he wants, and I just need to figure out how to make it work. It's been a learning process all along for both of us as decisions are made about which printers to use, which pieces to focus our efforts on first, etc. I have had to try to get a bit better with managing my time wisely so I can get these pieces out the door after working my normal 9-5 job. I wish I could spend much more of my time doing projects like this for missionaries...it seems like it may actually make an impact on the world for good...more so than the woodworking tools catalog I've been doing at my full-time job.


Christina said...

So, i am headed out of the office to a far away cottage in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing! So, I thought I would say I love your "Duke-like" randomness. So!

Janice said...

So, as a future wanna-be missionary, you can use some of your gleaned knowledge, and all of your creative juices for us someday!!! We will be rich, so money is no object! (heavenly riches that is, ...at least I hope we will be rich!)

jen said...

oh, it's such a good thing you're going to be rich, since the MacBook Pro I'll absolutely need to do your materials is running around 3 grand right now :-) !!!

Anonymous said...

I really have only one question which I'm sure others are inquiring about - exactly how many raccoons were there and whatever happened to them? :-) So, I think it is great that you use your talents to help so many people. You truly are a huge blessing to many... :-)

With that being said.....Jumping Jelly fish, I lied --- I do have one more question --- so, what did you and Jen finally decided on? Chinese, Japanese.... :-)

Michael & Erika Barone said...

It was great working with you as well. You did a wonderful job. Just remember that Jan promised you that MacBook so I am sure she will make good on her word!