Monday, August 27, 2007

I have very vivid dreams. Recently, I dreamed that a girl I know, whom I rarely ever see, was going to be the Mayor of Alaska. I know, I know...mayors are for cities, governors are for states. Not in my dreams. And I didn't just dream that she was in the running, but that she was surely going to be the Mayor of Alaska. Not sure how I knew that. Maybe no one else wanted the job. (I just looked it up, and Alaska does have a female governor. Named Sarah. But that's not the name of the girl in my dream).

Another one was that a guy at work was in the habit of washing his hair in the bathroom sink before he left work for the day. And he used the same kind of shampoo I use. And he was leaving work with his hair wet and taking the bottle of shampoo with him. Now, all I saw in the dream was him walking down the hall with the wet hair and shampoo bottle. But somehow I knew that this was something he did every day and I had only just now caught him at it.

I once dreamed that I was going to marry a redhead named Nigel. Are you out there, Nigel?

The other night, I dreamed up some really great waterslides. Tunnels, waterfalls, whirlpools...all orange. We were all going down them with all our clothes on. Very modest fun.

I wish I could draw the pictures I see in my mind, because there are these figures I've been dreaming about since I was little: really really thin people and really really fat people...but they're more like illustrations than real people. They are in dusky primary colors. And they run and I'm running with them, but very. very. slowly.

I've also had the classic "all my teeth fell out" dream. It's a bizarre feeling, being toothless.

Sometimes, I'll dream up a really great plot for a novel. I'll get so happy as I'm dreaming, because I know that I'm dreaming up the next New York Times bestseller. I review the plot in my dream as I'm dreaming it, tweaking where needed. And I'm convinced this is going to be a great book. It flows just right, the pieces and parts fit together like a puzzle; the characters are witty and wonderful. I will then wake up, and eventually recall the dream, and get all excited because of the great plot my brain cooked up while resting. And I'll start to review the pertinent details: character, plot, etc. And it will make NO. SENSE. WHATSOEVER. It's like puzzle pieces from different puzzles. Like Legos and Tinkertoys and Constructs all trying to fit together.

Those are the dreams that make me question my sanity.

As does the fact that I'm sharing this with the whole wide world.


Anonymous said...

Huh? I wish my dreams were that interesting. I once dreampt that I lost my rubber ducky and I keep singing the song to see if he'd come back --- just kidding --- byw he never came back -- LOL

Oh yeah, I think Nigel (the red head you speak of) is the photographer from Jay and Jen's wedding :-)

Nice Job! I totally enjoyed this as I do all of your posts!

your faithful reader said...

If only I could remember one real life event with the accuracy you remember your dreams~!

JulieMom said...

Oh, Jen...maybe it is too much soup at Panera? Do you eat it before bed?


I, too have had some doozies in the dream department. But I am not willing to divulge THAT info. Not yet anyway.

jen said...

ms. anonymous: I'm pretty sure his name wasn't Nigel. :-)

faithful reader: sometimes the memory accuracy is a curse. it makes "forgive and forget" an immense struggle. but it does make for some great dream stories!
btw, thanks for reading!

juliemom: you just crack me up. continually. I hope you have a good internet connection in SA!!

Anonymous said...

You are too cute Jen..........I really do hope "Nigel" is out there, and closer than you think, that is if you like red heads!
I say if he's passionate about Jesus, who cares if he even has any hair :-)

Jeannine said...

My only reoccuring dream is of a rock wall. (Maybe Nigel is reading this right now!)