Praise ye him, sun and moon…

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Psalm 148

I once heard an NPR feature about the sun. I know I won't remember all the scientific stuff they talked about, but what it all boiled down to is that the sun is humming. Interesting.

Anyway, since that's the moon you see up there, let's talk about moon photos. I was just commenting recently on how hard it is to get a good shot of the moon. The other night (the night before the eclipse, I think), I was leaving church and saw this amazing moon. Now, usually, I see the moon while I'm driving home, and though i can appreciate how stunning it is, I have no place to pull over and even try for a photo. This time, I had an unobstructed I trekked all the way to the back of the parking lot, set my camera down on the base of a light post, and started playing with the settings. The moon rose quite a bit while I was playing, and lost most of it's red color, but it was still just gorgeous by the time I got a decently clear photo.

Can we say that things praise the Lord just by being beautiful? By doing what it's created to do—reflect the light of the sun—the moon is praising God…


RachelBond said...

I remember hearing about this several months ago, too -- the music coming from the sun. The *whole world* praises the Lord!! Amazing. Here's a link.

You take lovely pictures!! (the moon, the tomatoes, the castle's gardens, etc.)

jen said...

hey Rachel! I'm glad you know what I'm talking about! I was trying to find more info about the humming thing...thanks for the link!

and glad you like the pictures :-)