location scouting

Monday, September 3, 2007

I got a call to do some engagement pictures last week. I don't have studio space, so I needed to find a good location to do some shooting. So I drove around town in my mind and came upon Warner Castle at Highland Park. I've done some photos there in the past, and it's a great location...with trees and flowers and wrought iron and stone.

So then I drove around in reality, checking out the castle's sunken garden, then scouting out some alternate sites nearby, just in case. My one worry was that there would perhaps be a wedding going on there when we showed up on saturday, but the only other folks who were there on Saturday seemed to be a girls' volleyball team wandering around.

These are some shots from scouting day...I should have the engagement shots up soon...

The little guy at the top was pretty sure if he stayed real still I wouldn't see him.

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