my brother, zee ar-teest

Thursday, September 20, 2007

He's always been the one who could draw and make it actually look like something, so go figure that now he's churning out really great abstracts like there's no tomorrow! I used to draw stick figures with both arms and legs coming out of the head, and it took me years to figure out why they didn't look even remotely like human beings. My artistic world greatly expanded when I discovered torsos.

I love the colors he uses, and the texture you can see when you get to see the paintings "live" as I got to do a couple of weekends ago. A local coffee shop in New Haven is featuring my brother's paintings for the month of September, so that's where I started out my vacation. One of his paintings is going to be used during the filming of an upcoming movie. Cool stuff for any artist.

I have the first painting he did when his wife bought him his paints & easel...I named it Narnia, as it is topped with a bright splash of color, encroaching on the still-blank canvas at the bottom. Aslan is coming, and Spring is conquering the never-ending winter...

Oddly enough, my favorite painting he's done so far is titled "winterfell"

Isn't it stunning?

you can see more (and buy them!) here

edit: just in case you were curious, I thought I'd include a representation of what my stick figures looked like before I discovered torsos...


Christina said...

Welcome back to blog world! Your tendencies are becoming more like mine---lots of time between posts. LOL. I love to see the other art he has done--as I've only seen "His Narnia". Miss ya.

Anonymous said...

Well my sister, you have quite the talented family. His art work is beautiful as your photography and writing is radiant. Welcome back :-)

beccafredo said...

Hey Jen! Great blog! I loved reading it. Your bro's paintings are brilliant. I hope I get to see them live someday...too bad I'm not a rich patron of the arts....yet. =) Glad to read up on what's up with you.
Becca (with pokey sticks)