girlfriends of another generation

Thursday, October 25, 2007

There's something about spending time with women who've been around a while longer than I have…

Something about listening to them talk, watching them work together, seeing how they serve and interact with others. Hearing their conversations and noting what gives them joy.

Last weekend was a chance for me to spend some time with my girlfriends of another generation. We ranged from 6-ish months to 60ish (I'm not at all sure about that top number, or who owns it!). We've all been adopted into the same family, and though some of them chronologically could be my mother, we are all sisters in Christ.

We spent time on one of the finger lakes, watching the rain, enjoying great food, taking leisurely strolls, cuddling the babies, collecting leaves, skipping stones, reading, praying, laughing, crying, playing silly games and thrift-store shopping.

I'm so grateful for these women in my life. I'm so grateful that the Lord has shown me the need to develop relationships with women wiser and older than I. I'm so grateful He put me in a place where it is possible.


Anonymous said...

I recognize those in the photos and would have love to have spent a weekend with all of you! Maybe you need a 40something to round out that group? I'm missing Fall in Rochester this year. We plunged right into snow & freezing rains and I didn't get my fill of fall colors & leaves and walking in the crisp air. All things I love in my favorite season. I'll breathe in the air of your photos and ignore what's outside my window. Glad you had such a gift this weekend

Theteak said...

Those photos are simply beautiful. Nice blog, nice to visit. We lived in CA for a year (Seirras) we got some great photos, never got 'back east' for the whole 12 months though.

jen said...

it would have been great to have you rounding out our group!! I'm enjoying the Fall enough for both of us, I think :-) Pumpkin Spice Latte in hand, crunching through the fallen leaves...gotta get the smell and texture going along with the visual!

thanks for stopping by! glad you're enjoying the photos. the only time I've been in CA was on my way to Sydney many years ago...small world.