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Monday, October 22, 2007

My mind is continually processing ideas...some of them churn around in the background for years before I do anything to move them forward, some of them appear, I figure out logistics, develop & fulfill them in days. There are times that I have an idea for something and have to drop everything else on my plate until I at least do some research on how I can make this idea become reality. There are ideas that I will never move forward one step.

One idea that's been floating around for years is something I'd like to write and design that talks about God as the Maker of heaven and earth, as He is often described in the Bible. Working and moving a bit in artistic circles, there is a lot of talk about art-with-a-capital-A. And Artists and their "body of work." Or Artisans and their craft. There are designers who are working on how to solve the dilemma of graphic designers rarely getting credit for their work in a public way, and not making royalties on designs that get used over and over and have world-wide recognition.

As artists, we want people to know what we have created/designed/made. It is a great feeling to be recognized for a great idea, and for how the idea is executed.

How little credit the Lord God Jehovah gets for His "body of work," the universe. And everything in it. People the world over believe all kinds of thing about where this earth came from. Where we came from. But the Artist gets much less credit than He deserves. I'd like to introduce people to the Lord God as Creator. It's what He did first.

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Jeannine said...

I find that when I write on here... i have the most incoherant thoughts, along with my missssspelling and abhorant grammer. you seem to put more thought into words- with purpose and dignity. I appreciate that. I like your artist idea. I think there are others like you, do not feel alone.