christmas in review

Monday, December 31, 2007

This is my favoritest Christmas gift! It was all I wanted, as I've had the desire to learn to sew for many years, and just haven't ever gotten started. I even borrowed my mom's sewing machine for a year and a half and never even took it out of it's case. I recently read several reviews on this machine, and it seemed like a great one to get. I've got a book of fun projects that I want to make. I'm currently working on making a space in my apartment for it…

Last year's gift from everyone was my loft bed. I was supposed to take pics of it and send them to my family so they could see what it looked like all made up. better late than never, hmmm? Gotta love ikea.

My brother's pit bull thinks he's a lap dog. He must be touching someone pretty much all the time. When my brother starts to pack up, he follows him back and forth through the house, whining the whole time as if he's worried he'll be left behind. He's really a sweetie.


Dave said...

I love IKEA!

jen said...

i love it that the ones in europe have the showroom floor laid out just like all those commmunist-era apartments, so people can see exactly how things fit!