Monday, December 17, 2007

Just thought you might like to know that the snow now covers my entire side mirror, rather than a paltry inch of it.

I slept in just the right amount of time to catch these exact shadows this morning.

This stubborn tree just won't give up its leaves.

And these "anonymous" girls had the bright idea of attempting donuts in an unplowed parking lot.

Didn't work.

However, with the help of a snap-together shovel…

…and a couple of kindly gentlemen who refrained from mockery, the Audi eventually made it's way out of the icy grip of the parking lot.

Always an adventure :)


Anonymous said...

(Clearing of throat) I believe you were part of the bright idea! Lol :-) Tons o fun!

Btw, thanks for hiding our eyes! I don't think anyone will figure out who we are... Lol :-)

jen said...

okay, okay, I liked the donut idea…too bad about that all-wheel drive.

and I figured I'd give you the illusion of privacy anyway :)

Christina said...

That is great. Love how you protect the identity of your friends. Hope you don't ever have any footage of me. LOL.... Love ya and your great gifts. BTW, I took her for her "first snow donut" and she wasn't all that thrilled. The kids loved it though!

Dave said...

Ok, for all the griping I guess I should say Thanks after all that.

No sarcasm


Dave said...

With a "!"

not a "."

jen said...

christina: in the minivan???

dave: you're very welcome. hope you get some snow for Christmas in D.C.

Victoria said...

That's nothing - my husband can do donuts with a 12 passenger!

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling a bit like the tree hanging on to it's leaves. We have the smallest brushig of snow - and my kids are praying for Christmas blizzards. I'd love it to warm up into a lovely fall...or some type of snow that would pile up lovely in the yard but requires no shovelling while Ken is gone for 2 weeks. I'm rooting for the tree!
Andrea Pitcher