every day is a new year

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm not so big on celebrating each and every holiday within an inch of its life. I grew up two houses away from a woman who strung up lights and installed yard figures for EVERY holiday. Valentines, St. Paddy's, Easter, etc.

I think I was scarred for life.

Last night I was at dinner with some friends, and we started talking about plans for 2008. I am much more about new beginnings and making plans in September than I am in January, so I've never really made any new year resolutions. I don't like dooming myself to failure, anyway. I figured out a few years back that the best way to ensure success is to resolve to do things you are already doing!

Things like brushing your teeth, getting dressed, laughing out loud, crying bitter tears, vegging on a couch all day with a book or going like a whirlwind when life gets a little crazy. I'm sure I'll work hard, and play some, and ponder things from big to small. And small to big. From the differences between American and British chocolate to the value of a soul in the eyes of God.

I'm sure I'll collect some stuff and make some stuff and throw some stuff away. I know I'll hurt some people I love, but I'll also be a blessing and an encouragement to some people I love…and hopefully to some people I don't even know. I know I'll dream and long and wonder and question and get mad and get hurt and probably fall apart in my own way now and again. I'll over-commit my time and then berate myself for doing so. I'll eat a can of Pringles in two sittings. My car will get messy. My apartment will get/stay messy (though you should see my living room right now…it's beautiful!).

These things are just a part of life. It will never be perfect until we're with Jesus. I won't ever be able to resolve all of the bad or dumb habits out of my life. But I can enjoy this life the Lord has given me, and work to lean more towards setting my affections on things above, not on things of the earth. I can deny my body and feed my soul. I can rely on the grace that is sufficient for me. Today. And all year…one day at a time.

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