the mother of all winter coats

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

or: how to wear a sleeping bag.

I got this baby right on time for the 60-degree weather we had last week, and only today has it been cool enough to try it out.

I had been looking for the perfect winter coat that would allow me to walk to work in 20 degrees without getting frostbite, and this seemed like the ideal solution. Besides, it came with retractable earbuds and a pocket for my ipod. Along with a warning about how dumb it would be to snowboard and listen to music at the same time. Who's going to snowboard in this thing??

Did I mention it was 80% off retail?

How did I get so blessed? So blessed, that I have a choice of which winter coat to wear each day? Not: can I find enough clothing to pile on to keep me warm, but: do I want to wear green or brown or black or gray? And do I want it to be fleece or leather or nylon or quilted? Do I need a warm coat, a light coat, or a sleeping bag coat today? How about gloves? leather or nylon? warm, warmer or warmest? And which scarf color and length shall I go with today? How about my choice of footwear? Not: Do I have shoes to wear, but: which of 5 or 6 different pairs of boots that will keep my feet warm and dry and clean do I want to wear? As I walk on the plowed sidewalks to my heated (sorta) building for work.

I am so blessed. And the Lord reminds me of that with this coat.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised they were not giving the coat away for free!

Alas! the onion you are eating is someone else's water lily.

That coat is my onion but your water lily....enjoy. LOL :-)

Love ya!

Dave said...

It was in the 20's here this morning when I woke up and I went to the Gym in shorts and a t-shirt.

Brilliant...I know.

I like the picture with the mirror.

Nice Hat!

jen said...

yo, ms. anonymous. now I may just wear the coat to church so you can make fun of it in person!

dave: you said it. brilliant. but this isn't the sarcasm blog, so I won't add anything :)

Janice said...

Is the first pic of you in a security mirror? It looks really cool! Love it alot! And you should have lots of chances to wear it this weekend!

jen said...


yep, that's me in the mirror…we need to get some of those at work, we've got some blind corners in our new place.

I think the 13 degrees predicted for the weekend will give me plenty of chances to wear my sleeping bag.

Have fun at the retreat!