OOPart (or: ball in the hall)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

I just read a little blurb about "out of place" artifacts. Things that are found (usually in archeology, it seems) in places that it seems quite unlikely they'd be found. You can read more here.

I thought I'd maybe start my own category of OOPart today, as I walked past the beach ball in the hall for the umpteenth time. No idea how it got there, or what it's doing in this rough & industrial random fire exit hallway in the building I work in. But I'm really rather taken with it. And I like the fact that just today I read about OOPart so I have a way to categorize it.


Dave said...

How do you come up with these ideas?

You are quite talented.

I would never see stuff like this in the way you put them in pictures.

Judging by the walls, though, I would have guessed you work in a prison someplace? :)

jen said...


I've been raised to appreciate the little odd things in life. That's why I like the blog venue, because there are very few people who would be interested in me telling them about a beach ball in a lonesome hallway.

It is a pretty rough-looking part of the building. But I have paint and carpet where I actually work!