Tuesday, February 12, 2008

so, a week+ after my birthday, my birthday flowers are still lovely. I took them out of the arrangement they came in and filled four different random jars.

talk about the gift that keeps on giving!


Dave said...

Happy Birthday!

Thou "gifted" one!


Janice said...

You are too busy... your blog needs updating!

Not like I wont see you in 2 hours... but it isn't the same!

Man, all that daydreaming you do must be exhausting! No time for anything else!

So when is the roadtrip to "the valley"? :)

jen said...

Jan--thanks for noticing how absent I've been :) glad to know someone misses my random ramblings. I think I've been spending my time wisely, though :)

As for the trip to the valley…we'll have to talk about that offline! :)

more posts coming soon!

oh, and sorry you didn't get to see me last night…I came home from work sick & have only switched beds a couple of times since then.

Dave said...

Hey, I love roadtrips...can I come too?