Wednesday, March 12, 2008

adjective. unable to concentrate because one's mind is preoccupied.

yep. that's me.

for several weeks now.


sometimes, being distracted is good, because you are distracted by something good. something new. something that brings joy and encouragement and peace and comfort.

The Lord is teaching me how much He loves me these days. Reminding me that it is not what I do that makes Him love me. I have known this for years, and could easily say just that to someone else and be quite convincing about it. But I was still trying to do all the right things so that I wouldn't lose out. I know there are sometimes conditions on the blessings of God. He told His people to obey His commands and enjoy His blessings. Disobey and endure the curses.

Yet He delights in mercy and overflows with grace. He likes to give us good things–deserving or not. While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. When we were yet without strength…Christ died for the ungodly. Death as a gift. The gift that brings life. I love the paradoxes of truth.

I have felt "without strength" for a long time now. Not able to do all the things I used to do "for the Lord." I think now that many of those things are going to burn up in the end. They are the wood, hay & stubble–the things done to please those around me, and to gain the praise of men. Not the precious stones that will make it through the fire.

I'm glad He hasn't forgotten me. I have not been put aside. He is refining me. And though there is pain, there is also joy. He has turned for me my mourning into dancing.

The Lord God has not been distracted.


jen said...

It's amazing how the Lord orchestrates things. Tonight, Pastor Curran was preaching, and a few of the phrases & verses he mentioned were ones I had put in this post. He, of course, expands on it greatly, and it is a really great message. I guess these are things the Lord wants me thinking about.

You will eventually be able to listen to the message online at http://www.myfbbc.info/content/view/5/63/

Anonymous said...

Girl, I love this post and it is encouraging to hear simply because so many of us feel as you did. I am so excited that you are dancing and no longer mourning. The Lord is so good! Thanks for the post - :-)

Janice said...

So perhaps he can turn your "morning" into something you would welcome...?!? We night owls have such struggles!

Remind me I have a question for you. You probably wont really have to remind me though... I cannot wait to ask you!! ;)

JulieMom said...

So, what specifically has you distracted? Would it perchance have anything to do with the reason I'm STILL HOLDING MY BREATH?


Does it????

Nice post by the way.

Dave said...

Tough crowd!

stage3design said...

Hi, Jen.

I found out about your blog through // BarryBlog // (http://www.studiosmith.blogspot.com/), and I was immediately struck by your writing style. It's so open and honest that I was compelled to read all the posts on the main page. I love how you share your heart and your struggles. You obviously love the Lord, and I thank you for sharing your love and your life with all of us. Good work!