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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I started a tradition a couple of years ago of going up to the lake and watching the sunrise on Easter morning…or Resurrection Sunday as many prefer to call it. I grew up in a little church where we all met at the Edwards' house on Easter morning to watch the sunrise, sing some hymns and eat breakfast before our normal church service. It was something that I suddenly missed a while back, and I decided to start my own tradition.

I'm not normally an early riser, but there is something so amazing about watching the orange glow grow brighter and brighter and seeing the disk of fire push above the horizon. And watching it move up, higher and higher to light the whole sky.

a new day. with new mercies.

and this year, I had someone to share it with.

there will come a time when Jesus will make ALL things new. I'm glad He gives us sneak previews.

In the sunrise. In springtime. In new friendships. In healing. In brand new joy.

He restores and refreshes and makes things new. And he does it way better than some marketing joe slapping a "new and improved" label on the same old drink.

He re-creates. Because He can. And only He can.


Shannon W. said...

Jen, I love the way you tucked in the "someone to share it with." Yeah, that's a special Easter. Nothing quite like it in all the world. You have no idea how happy I am for you. And I love the photo on Dave's blog of you two...and the story of the ring!

Janice said...

^.~ !!!

Dave said...

Ok, seriously Janice...what's with the morse code?

Victoria said...

I'm such a sap - I absolutely love all of this!! I think your tradition is cool and that you started something like that before you had someone to share it with.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos - it makes Rochester sunrise look beautiful. A great time of year to reflect & see beauty.

Would love a longer email or conversation about Dave's visit. I saw his blog entry (and was wondering why the large pause on your entries) and would love to hear some of the blanks...write anywhere in the story and include anything you want. Would love to hear your heart in this,
Andrea PItcher

JulieMom said...

**exhales deeply**

Finally I can breathe again!!


I'm glad you're happy. And I read his blog about the prank. Too funny!!


Colette said...

Jen...the sunrise idea is SOOOO great. Im going to steal your idea and do it myself. ( not by myself probably...Im sure Matt will love it too). It is the most awesome picture of the resurrection and Im so mad I didnt think of it!!! Thanks for sharing it! onto the next subject. Dave! I am so excited and happy for you! The last time I met you for coffee was..let me see...YEARS ago. Lets do it again and you can fill me in on all the sweet details. L,C

jen said...

andrea: details will be forthcoming to you shortly :)

julie: glad you are breathing again. I was getting concerned.

colette: amazing what can happen in a few years! we'll for sure have to get together soon!

becky said...

Well, my oh my...I have been waiting to see what you would put on your the nosey little sister of that "someone"...tee hee. They are beautiful pictures of lake, but it sure does look cold!

Glad you two found each other and am happy for you both! My hubby say's he thinks you two are worse than we were when we were ;0) Somehow I don't think that is true though if you ask my friends. But just the's fabulous!

jen said...

becky: it was SO COLD. I almost got frostbite on my fingers, I think.