Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i love what happens to a rose when it dries. its colors fade and change, its petals crinkle and stiffen, and its beauty transforms from fresh and young and fleeting to something more lasting, though still fragile.


Janice said...

yeah, I can relate.

Victoria said...

That is so pretty!

So, where'd you get the rose?

M. said...

Yeah, Jen...Where'd you get the rose???

Janice said...

Wow! They are taking up my "carefully placed down" baton!!!

Well done girls, but watch out! Our little Jen can get just a 'lil punchy!

Dave said...

Yeah Jen...who bought you the DEAD rose?

They must have had a morbid sense of humor or something!


Victoria said...

Hey, I made it on your blog roll! Thanks!:)

I see the guy with the morbid sense of humor hasn't!:)

becky said...

Darn...I'm too late to ask where you got the rose...Oh well.

However they didn't ask who sent you the

It's a pretty picture though.

jen said...

I've been pretty sure these were all rhetorical questions, so haven't felt the need to step in & answer :)

glad I can provide such entertainment for all the speculative minds out there.