Monday, June 16, 2008

these roses are so fragile…they've been torn apart with wind and rain since this photo was taken, but the pollen has been gathered…

I love the scent of the lilies of the valley…and love it that they just appear every year without me putting forth one iota of effort.

another bunch of flowers that appeared without me putting forth one iota of effort :-)

and another.

I even like the stems!

I've almost hit this guy a couple of times driving into my driveway in the evening. He tends to freeze up, presumably thinking that if he doesn't move, I can't see him/won't hit him with my car. I had to actually get out of my car and shoo him off one time.


Anonymous said...

Funny story: in the pasture behind our house we have several deer, rabbits and tons of birds. I love looking out the kitchen door and watching all of them play in the woods & fields around dinner/sunset.

One night I was watching this thing moving through the waist tall grass and I could only see an occasional ear or bottom bouncing up into the air - couldn't quite see it clearly. So I say to Becca, "Come look at this. It's either a small deer or a Huge rabbit." This statement cracks her up to no end. a rabbit or a deer? You can't tell them apart?

So Becca & Grace come running over to see & heckel me so more...and they can't quite tell what it is either (it was also hard to tell through their laughing, charades of deer & rabbits and hand motions)

In the end we see a baby deer crouching down trying to "crawl" through the grass on his belly. Occasionally he puts his head up (ears) or he kind of jumps over something (bottom).

So it was either a deer or a large rabbit! But the ribbing goes on to this day!

So from my experienced opinion, I would say that your photo is definitely a rabbit (or a miniature deer crawling on it's belly!)

Andrea Pitcher

jen said...

great story!! While I was reading this comment, my gmail, which has nice, subtle advertising along the side which I usually just ignore, had these two ads:

Are you a Rabbit?
Is your lawn a jungle?

love it.

I can totally see Becca & Grace doing the rabbit and deer charades!

Victoria said...

Loved the flowers!

becky said...

so how many bunches of flowers does this make now? They sure are pretty!