say it like it is

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Recently seen on an arabic-language carton of cigarettes:

"Warning: Caution, Smoking destroys health and causes death - M.O.H."
this was in 30-pt. type, taking up a full one-third of the side of the carton.

I'm not sure who or what "M.O.H." is, but I've got to say I like his style better than our Surgeon General's Whisper…er, I mean warning.


becky said...

Lol...where did you see this? I think they should put that on the cartons here.

jen said...

we got the files in at work…we do some random foreign language packaging now and then. It just struck me as so funny that it was as huge as it was, and stated so clearly. "causes death." not even "may cause death"!

Rachel said...

Minister of Health?
Maid of Honor?
Made Obviously Humongous?

JulieMom said...

I think it means:

Mike O. Huckabee

Maybe not, but kudos for them to tell the truth instead of hinting at it.

They must not need tobacco stock with all the oil they have over there.

I'm just sayin'...