berries & bees

Friday, July 18, 2008

There is some great berry picking available this week in Rochester! At least there was on Tuesday. I pretty much filled a whole quart of black raspberries at one bush. Filled 4 quarts total, and have been eating berries for the rest of the week. Amazingly delicious.

I came upon one bush that looked to be fantastic picking…lots of beautifully ripe glossy black berries. I started in on it and then found why this bush had been passed over: Mad Guard Bee!!

It's a tiny little home he's got, but he looks to be fiercely protecting it.

I let him…um…be.


Mom McGinn said...

I think you made a very wise decision about the Bee!!!

Christina said...

Cute post! LOL...let him "be". Thanks for the yummy berries! They are DELICIOUS!!!! :-D

JulieMom said...

Ok, so now I'm TOTALLY jealous.

They don't grow berries here to pick.

*sigh* Eat some for me, OK?

Janice said...

So how do you manage the camera and the quarts of berries with all the juice on your fingers? A woman of many talents!

jen said...

oh, Jan, you should have seen me balancing all 4 quarts…my fingers all stained, my camera slung around my neck…I was an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately, none happened, as there was no one around to witness it and laugh at/with/near me.
Julie…I think I ate enough for you, me & your whole family!! yum!