peeking through

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For weeks now, we've had Spring peeking through at us…glimpses of white blossoms through the evergreens, pinpricks of yellow through the gray of last season's spanish moss. Reds mingling with greens almost like the colors up North in the Fall.

Spring here is different than in New York. There's not as much contrast as there is when you are moving from months of frozen monotone grey/white landscapes to brilliant bursts of bloom on a muddy green background. In SC, the green/brown roadsides have been in transition for months already…pale greens show up, yellows pop here and there…and then one day there are bushes in full-out radiant white blooms almost looking like they've been snowed over.

These girls were most of what I saw on my walk this morning. Looks like they start out pale yellowy green and develop into snowy white. Beautiful.

My favorite forsythias are few and far between down here. And I haven't seen any lilacs yet…but a girl can hope, no? Until the lilacs show up (please?), I can feast my eyes on these bright beauties just down the street from us.


Victoria said...

So pretty!

Maybe you'll come visit in May during lilac season?:)

Anonymous said...

How to know you've lived in Rochester - a unquenchable love for the smell of lilacs in the Spring. When we moved to Czech 15 years ago we moved into a 2 bedroom, tiny apartment but what sold me was that outside our window was a huge lilac bush - and with the right breeze our room smelled like "home" (meaning Rochester in the Spring). Keep looking and smelling - you might just catch a wiff of home in the air.

Andrea Pitcher

CHeL said...

Hmm, looks like dogwood & maybe azalea? I'm not sure what those pink ones are, but I see them around.

Mom McGinn said...

Yes, the white flowers are dogwood. They grow wild here. We have one in our back yard and some in the woods around us. They are not out here yet. It is the red bud tree that is coming out right now.