closed captioning fun

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Intense, emotional scene. Old friends reunited, one recently escaped from slavery, and run to his friend in the desert oasis.

The friend in the desert tells him: "Here, you too will find pee"

I think "peace" was what they were looking for. Not sure pee is even a close second.

And the rest of the movie The Ten Commandments was ruined for me.

Especially after the hair thing. Have you seen this movie? How Moses comes back from the burning bush with his hair all gelled and swept back from his face? And white? Maybe I missed something in Exodus. I know his face shone, but that's not until later anyway. I don't remember his hair turning white.

Anyway. I may start a closed captioning blooper category. I'll have to collect a few more, though. I love closed captioning.


Victoria said...

a whole new world, isn't it?:)

Dave said...

yeah, I always wanted to find pee!

Victoria said...

I've missed Dave's comments. He always makes me laugh!

CHeL said...

My Paul likes to watch movies with the spanish subtitles turned on. We learn interesting spanish phrases this way. And sometimes get a laugh. I guess you'd need to know a little spanish to find the funnies.