appetizing appetizers

Friday, June 12, 2009

The ladies' group in my subdivision had a 3-course progressive dinner the other night and I had the appetizer course. I was even ready with time to spare, so I took some photos of the goodies.

Baked brie with peach & pecan topping…amazingly yummy.

Texas caviar…adapted from at least three different recipes…super delicious.

Fruit soldiers…just for fun, and made with locally grown cantaloupe and blueberries.

And bruschetta…locally grown tomatoes and basil from my back deck.

And a good time was had by all. Or by me, anyway. :)


Victoria said...

that's it - next get-together you are bringing that baked brie!!!

Mom McGinn said...

Those appetizers sure look yummy as well as fancy! You can entertain for me anytime.

Anonymous said...

Wish I lived on your block - for more than just the appetizers!

The other day I was driving into the Greece mall and had a thought, "When we get our phone I need to call Jen.." before I remembered that you didn't live here anymore. And I was just overwhelmed with sadness about that. Sure wish you were a daily part of this wild ride we're on this year.

This blog post makes me wish I lived there to be a daily part of your life as a newlywed.

Man, we got to get ourselves in the SAME PLACE!
Andrea Pitcher

crisco said...

Very impressive little sister! When you and Dave finally get up to visit, you and I will have fun in the kitchen. I think Julie may even join you, she loves making fancy appetizers.

jen said...

Andrea…it has continually struck me as "unfair" that you are now living in ROC for a year while I am no longer there! I would have loved to be there and to be able to "transition" with you. I would also love for you to be here…perhaps someday this side of eternity we will live within driving distance! We'll at least have some time in CO :)

Chris…your kitchen is perfect for lots of cooks! I'm looking forward to one of these days coming up for a long weekend or something. We'll have to talk about some dates sometime!

Vicki…you're on! we'll be up in September :)

Anonymous said...

You are obviously much in demand since showing everyone your talents in the kitchen but remember---Mom comes first! I'll expect some fancy treats next time we have a family gathering! Congrats dear daughter everything looks wonderful and I'm sure tasted great. Mom

Kinigirl said...

Very yummy. :-) Great pictures too, which only helps everything look even more appetizing. :-)

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o: