Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just wanted to share an assortment of ornaments…

This one is from Pottery Barn from last Christmas. I kept hoping they'd go on sale for crazy cheap and then I could use these to decorate for our wedding…but they never went below $1…which is what I wanted them to be to get the quantity that I wanted! I grabbed a few for us anyway. This is my ornament style…bits of nature, lots of texture, and a little sprinkle of sparkle.

This is another PB one I picked up on clearance. I'd somehow like to have a tradition of a photo ornament of us each year. This photo is of us at Dave's unit holiday party. I just wish I lived near a PB so I could grab another photo ornament on clearance this year!

This is Bumbles. It seems that Dave's family has been consistently gifting Dave with Bumbles ornaments for quite some time now. We have quite a collection. This one made it onto the tree.

I don't remember where I got this sparkly star. But I like it. I have a plethora of various star ornaments. Perhaps one day we can have two trees, and one can be all fancy and the other one will be colorful and chaotic and just plain fun.

This one was a gift to me this year. Love it! It just was so obvious a choice for me, with my love of graphic design and crazy lime green things. It's from another favorite store…Crate and Barrel. Thanks, Becky!!

Maybe my mother in law can chime in with some history on this one. It was in one of the bins of ornaments that got passed to us from her. It looks quite old. But with the current bird craze in blogland, I'm guessing there are many folks whose blogs I haunt who would love this particular ornament.

We picked up this lovely blue and white snowflakey job at a great shop in Niagara-on-the-Lake where we spent our honeymoon. It's Murano glass…if you google that, there's all kinds of interesting info out there. This is made with rods of colored glass that are melded together & then sliced. Or something like that. Some of the pieces they had were stunning…and way out of our budget. I would love to own one of the larger pieces someday…and grabbed this ornament partially to remind myself it exists.

This is another one we picked up at the shop in NOTL. I just plain love this color of green. Can't resist it.


Huron Family said...


I found your blog listed on another blog =) and really enjoyed my visit! I love taking pictures too...

So glad you had a special fist Christmas!

Anita from Florida

Huron Family said...

Ummm, that was "first" Christmas. =)


Anonymous said...

tree trimming party... that's genius! get your friends to do the dirty work for you! but you still have the un-trimming afterward. but people will do anything for a party. right?

so pretty.
rachel in ny

HandyFamily said...

Sounds like you had a great 1st married Christmas!