Thursday, December 31, 2009

so, there's a bunch of photography blogs/sites out there that I read. One I found a while back is Pioneer Woman. Her website is way more than just photography…it's hilarious accounts of daily life on a cattle ranch, amusing photo stories of her basset hound's nap times, amazingly delicious recipes with step-by-step cooking instructions, lots of photography tips & tricks and the occasional contest. Well, I finally opened a flickr account so I could throw a photo into her contests every now and then, with really not much expectation of ever getting noticed. If you check out the pool for her contests, you will see that there are 21,000+ photos in the pool so far. Not sure how many enter each contest, since they are all grouped together, but there's hundreds upon hundreds. The few times I've entered a photo, I almost can't find it again, b/c it takes so long to scroll through all the pages of submissions. Somehow, someway, Ree looks through the submissions and picks winners. But first, she picks handfuls of images that stand out to her in some way.

She noticed me. If I were the squealing type, I'd do it. I think I stuttered when I hit Dave and said "look, look! it's my photo! on a famous blog!" or something along those lines.

She called the picture soft and sweet.

There are amazingly beautiful photos to browse through, if you have the time. There's nothing to vote for, nothing I gain by posting about this, except bragging rights. Oh…and a thank you to my mom, who bought that ornament at some point, and hung it on her tree 2 years ago so it was there when I had my camera in hand, lounging around in my pajamas on Christmas Eve.

I'll show you the photo here…but go browse through the rest. You may find some more favorite blogs!


HandyFamily said...

Congrats, Jen! I love the PW!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I"m out of town for two days and I come back to multiple posts! How did I get so far behind on a blog that I check often?!

I gave a huge shout out to you on my blog - since it isn't everyday that a friend of mine gets noticed by Pioneer Woman herself. Several of my blogger friends went to see her on her book tour and wrote all about it on their blogs - they'll love the connection to yours. So go and check out your big commercial!


Anita H. said...

How neat! Great pic!

Jeannine said...

I can kind of, almost hear you squeeling on the inside. (I'm there with you... on the inside!!!!)