the nibling

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nibling = a gender-neutral term for a niece or a nephew.

Dave's sister and her husband are getting the grandchild thing going for the family! It's out on facebook, so I think it's safe to say so here :) And I'm having fun doing some baby gift sewing. I'll probably do a bunch more once we find out if this is a niece or a nephew, but for now, the nibling is getting some fun burp cloths and bibs.

Hopefully I've given them to her by the time this posts!

Because babies aren't all cute all the time. There's some barf, spit and drool that comes with them. And poop. But hopefully that won't be on the bib.

Uncle Dave wants me to do a "boogers" one next.


Victoria said...

I LOVE those!!!!! Just got to talk w/ her tonight and she says you all are there.

Happy anniversary!! Have a wonderful trip!

CHeL said...

those are awesome bibs!

libertymama said...

I absolutely love your bibs!!

becky said...

Everyone that sees them loves them! Love the new stuff too! You are so talented!