magnolias, southern style

Thursday, June 10, 2010

In my old neighborhood in western new york, there was an entire street of magnolia trees that would take your breath away when you stumbled upon it when they were in full bloom. Somewhere in my archives, I have photos of that street, but if I wait until I find them to post this, I'll never get on with the rest of my day.

The first two images below are some magnolias from new york. Lovely, lovely blooms. The trees on the street full of them had blooms shaped more like the pink ones, but were more white tinged with pink. A whole row of these trees blooming at once is amazing.

Down South, live their gigantic, creamy white cousins. The pink one above is probably the size of a tea cup. The ones shown below are the size of dinner plates!

What I had never noticed before were the amazingly beautiful innards of a magnolia bloom! I don't know my floral anatomy, so I won't even try to name all this stuff scientifically, but have you ever seen a more interesting flower center?

It's even beautiful when it's dying!

I think this one may be younger than the first shot…

I'm amazed at the purity of the petals.

And the subtle texture.

Open or closed, it's a stunning example of Creation.

And, once again…it's even gorgeous when it's dying. Like old parchment.

Thank you, Jesus for such stunning beauty to enjoy!


Victoria said...

Those are beautiful! The "veins" in the one picture are awesome!

ERay said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! You are a fabulous photographer!

mARTy said...

the pics are amazing!