corrosion textures

Friday, February 18, 2011

I am completely enamored of the textures and colors of corrosion. I am inexorably drawn to rusty, weathered, worn things. I headed out one afternoon expressly to capture all of these flaky manhole covers I had been seeing around. I think being so close to the ocean, the process of corrosion has been intensified. Painting them seems to have no effect but to add to the depth of texture that occurs as time goes by.

Sometimes I wonder about this attraction to decay…is there something flawed in me that I find this lovely?? There is just something about watching the effects of time and environment and exposure…it fascinates me. Sometimes it's ugly. But many times it's beautiful.


Janice said...

Well at least Dave can take comfort in knowing that he will only become more irresistible to you with time!

Thanks for your commitment to blog more. I so look forward to your posts of lovely weather, beautiful pictures, and hand-in-hand strolls along the beaches. Such a contrast from my present life... and a welcomed few minutes of diversion!!! Jen, you are currently my drug of choice! lol

Love you and praying for all of the incubating you are doing!

Mom McGinn said...

After reading your comments on decay, I thought along the same lines as your friend Janice. Come check us out after a couple of years. We are going down hill fast! LOL!