poppy in the sunshine

Friday, February 4, 2011

Just thought I'd send a little sunshine and flowers your way today. I feel oddly removed from winter here, but clearly remember many many days in a row of a monochromatic world.

I actually sometimes miss those days covered in shades of gray…those days that make springtime when it comes so much more dramatic and breathtaking.

I love living where we are…but I do hope that one day we will live somewhere with all four seasons, clearly defined! Right now, I see naked trees, and a few with fall-colored leaves hanging on, and some with springtime blossoms already. I can't remember what month it is!

I captured this poppy (and several more) in the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco the week after Christmas.


ERay said...

I love how the sun shines through the poppy. Beautiful! I still think you should try and sell your art. I would totally purchase it!

rachel b. said...

it is stinkin cold here in ny, but the sun has been out the past couple mornings making everything sparkly. so, there's that. but it's still too cold. i love poppies. a few more weeks til mud & crocii season here.