Monday, March 7, 2011

I am thoroughly and completely grossed out by snails.

Mostly because I've stepped on a few. And they make this crunch/squish sound that just makes me want to hurl.

My husband can testify to how freaked out I get when I do this. He likes to joke about having them for dinner. I'm pretty sure I couldn't down a snail for a million dollars. Seriously.

I wear gloves and long sleeves when doing any gardening type work, because I just don't know what I would do if one of them touched my skin. **shudder**

I realized after a while of being grossed out by them, that many people actually think they're cute! What?? I mean, they print cutesy kid fabric with SNAILS on it! Really?? Like I'm going to make my kid pajamas with creepy slimy smooshy icky creatures on them??

Apparently, there's an appeal there that I'm missing.

So, this morning, when my husband said "hey, look, come'ere, quick" and I thought it was a bird or a cat or something out back, and saw, instead, a snail slllllooooooooowwwwwlllllllllyyyyyyy making its way across the cement, I decided to take my macro out there and take a closer look.

Still not cute. Still rather creepy. Still don't want to eat one. Still am going to freak out when I accidentally step on one.

But they are kinda cool after all.


Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

I agree. Super neat. Very interesting. And extremely gross. Did you ever salt slugs when you were little? That was always a fun time. :-)

ERay said...

I love your postings. Your photography is always great of course, but your narratives just make me laugh. I miss you!!

Dave said...

Escargot is good cooked right. I have had it several times!

I had it raw in Luxembourg, but that only happened once! There was something about poking it out of it's shell with a wooden stick thing and then chew and swallow knowing it was raw. I got two down and that was it for me.

Victoria said...

Had Escargot once. It was DELICIOUS! Eric gets totally grossed out by that.

My kids are among those who think snails are cute. I have no opinion, though I suppose if I ever stepped on one, I'd form an opinion pretty quickly.

Either way - awesome pics!

Mom McGinn said...

Jen, ask your husband about the snails we had in Hilton and about the experience I had in my bare feet!!!!!

oliver41 said...

Hiya, just came across your blog, and snails aren't that bad! Slugs are the worst ones!

Nomad said...

I agree. Snails are nasty and slimy. But at least they're harmless. The way you feel about snails on kid's clothes is how I feel about snakes... I mean, WHY? They're slimy, slithery and potentially lethal. Let's teach our kids they're cute? Uh, no!
PS~I found you through Vicki's blog. :-)