Christmas recap

Monday, December 26, 2011

By a day or two after Christmas, I'm over it all and don't want to see anything Christmas related until after Thanksgiving the next year. So I thought I'd hurry and get a post up with our Christmas decorations for this year commemorated and our baby girl's first Christmas documented so then we can move on to the new year!!

Welcome to our home :) The typewriter serves as our guest book (when I remember to have people "sign" it). The tree is meant to be a card holder, but I like it better by itself, so I ended up using the typewriter as our card holder as you can see further down. I want to spray paint that bright silver star with something bronzish…maybe I'll get that done before I pack it away for next year. The wreath is a fresh one from Trader Joe's.

Thomas Kincaide really isn't my favorite, but the painting below was my husband's before we met, and since it's 5th Avenue in NYC and not a cottage or a lighthouse, and since it covers the weird cut-out nook above our fireplace, it stays. And it works really well for Christmas, I think. I hung ornaments from the top of the frame so they would float in front of the glowing sky.

The vase hold our glass ornaments, since we have a tree-trimming open house every year, and invite plenty of families with children…I put out all of our unbreakable ornaments for that, and keep the glass ones safely out of the way. The stockings are all handmade…mine & Dave's were a wedding gift from my oldest friend…um, not that she's older than all my other friends, but that I've known her longest. Can't figure out how to say that correctly! Lucy's stocking was made by a dear friend back in NY…I love the jingle bells and that her name is knit right into it. The tree needs one more strand of lights, and I think we'll go back to the short-needled kind next year. Much easier to actually hang ornaments from, instead of them sprawling on the surface like they do on this one!

After using whatever I had on hand for the mantle, I decided it needed some candles, so I headed to TJ Maxx…and found my favorite…fake, remote-controlled candles! yay! So weird. And Dave hates the way they smell, so we barely "burned" them at all. But it just cracked me up, the way technology has taken over everything.

I have loved receiving so many Christmas cards from far away friends and family…it's fun to see how folks have changed and grown over the past year.

Here's the card we sent out this year. She really does.

Look what we found under our tree yesterday! A wee bundle of joy. She's my best gift this year, for sure.

She was super smiley, as if she actually knew what was going on.

She did great opening her gifts…and playing with the paper :)

I love how she smiles like crazy for her Daddy…and how he interacts with her. He's her biggest fan.

Sigh. I found her cousin's pictures from last year in this outfit…her cousin who is now walking and talking. That'll be her next year!

This shot will get put into an ornament frame for adding to our tree next year…love how our family has changed each year we've been married.


Janice said...

I love how you repurposed the look of the wedding stationary for the Christmas card! She is so beautiful!

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

Love all your decorations, and your typewriter guest book. That is so jen! :-) Our card will be in the mail soon... someone keeps taking up all my spare time! ;-)

gamers said...

your daughter is beautiful even though i'm ten i have been with lots of little girls 4 and more on the way there amazing your gonna have a wonderful time with her

Victoria said...

Has anyone ever told you guys that you have a gorgeous baby? ;)