pumpkin patch fun

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

She doesn't know it, but Lisa Leonard has been my tour guide to the central coast for the past two years. Her latest local mention was a pumpkin patch I hadn't heard of before. And I'm glad I looked it up!

Now, the Avila Valley Barn is pretty great, as they have animals and food and pumpkins all right in one place, but they usually also have hundreds of PEOPLE you have to dodge to enjoy all the ambiance.

Probably going on a Monday helped tone the crowds down, but when we showed up at La Familia Ranch, we were the only guests there. (In a fun coincidence, Lisa and her boys showed up a few minutes later. I got to introduce myself and tell her she was the reason we were there.)

Every kid should get a chance to ride in a wagon with a pumpkin on a sunny October day.


Andrea Pitcher said...

Meeting Lisa Leonard at a pumpkin patch? This is a collision of my dream afternoons! Will have to hear more about her in person some day. Wow!

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst said...

You met Lisa Leonard? Girl, you famous! :-) Love that pic of Lucy and her pumpkin that is as big as she is. :-)

Anonymous said...

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