Thursday, July 19, 2007

I’ve never been a fan of all the tchochke stuff they sell at Christian bookstores. The plaques with parts of verses on them, the bookmarks with butterflies and daisies and “You are Special to God” in a script-y typeface, the stained glass box with a poem on it, a pen with a “Smile, God loves you” stamped along the side, etc. All those cards with names and their meanings and a verse that somehow ties into your name. Cheesy stuff. My middle name means “bound” according to those things. Probably a whole ‘nother post in that.

One of the ubiquitous poems that shows up on everything from lampshades to journal covers is “Footprints.” Oh, the royalties that anonymous person should be reaping from that one! (just checked out the web, and it looks like somebody is trying).

Anyway. Someone recently asked me how I was doing, and I guess my standard “fine” was less than convincing. She pressed a bit further, and I answered that I pretty much feel like this is one of those "one set of footprints" times of feels like I'm walking alone, but really, I'm being carried...

It’s hard to keep in mind “whatsoever things are true…” instead of “whatsoever things I feel…” Because feelings are oh so real, and such a part of us, and so intense and so distracting and so RIGHT THERE right in front of us.

Our minds can easily go down the road that our emotions want us to take…instead of taking the road of what is True. That verse in Philippians has a whole list of what to think on, but I usually don’t have to go past “true” to realize my mind isn’t on that list.

I’m a “worst-case-scenario” girl in my mind. And in a way, it’s a good thing…nothing worse than what I have imagined has ever happened to me! Once I play out the worst-case scenario, and react to that emotionally, I know I can handle whatever reality actually exists! Not that I recommend my methods. It can be a bit traumatic.

So I may feel all alone. I may feel like God is far far away. I may feel shut up in a cold dark room, or stranded in a desert with no caravan. But what is true?

I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.
I will not leave you comfortless.
He careth for you.
Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

I am carried.


JulieMom said...

Hi. I found you! :) And I see you've been reading my blog. Thank you!

I am now linked to, and reading, yours.

Chin up. This too shall pass.

And hopefully quickly.

Anonymous said...

That is just so wonderful and such a breath of fresh air isn't it? You know so many of us feel so alone at times but if we actually take the time to think about it just as you did - just knowing that we are being carried by the LORD should bring cheer to our hearts; knowing that we are loved that much by Him. :-)

You know I now keep thinking about Jim T's message on Sunday. He said every problem in life that has a solution is found in GOD! Amen to that --- he will carry us! There are a lot of people that feel like you including myself but I must ask MYSELF - "Wilt thou be made whole?" The answer to that is most definitely YES but its much harder than I imagined. That is just one of the many reasons why I need Him to carry me as do you!

Michael & Erika Barone said...

This is a great post. Jen - these are the real deep things and I am glad you have chosen to right about them!