Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I started shooting weddings when a friend was really desperate and didn’t want to pay a photographer. I guess everyone’s got to start somewhere. I had to be talked into doing the first three weddings. It just seemed to me way too important a job. You get one chance, one time, one day. There are no rain dates. There are no options if you get to the end of the roll of film when the maid of honor is half-way down the aisle. There’s one chance to get the bride on her daddy’s arm. One chance to catch the look on the groom’s face when he first sees her. One chance to capture the moment of the first kiss as husband and wife. One chance to get the ring bearer flopping down in a heap on the stage.

It was so much pressure. Especially those first few weddings, when I was still shooting film, and was completely paranoid that something was going wrong and I wouldn’t even know it. I had lists and calculations of which pictures I could get and when I would get a chance to change my film or switch cameras.

So here I am, several years later, still doing weddings. Not full time...maybe a few a year. And it’s fun now...not just stressful. It’s an exhilerating stress.

Amy & Bart got married in June at a big barn in the countryside. The weather was amazing, the barn was beautiful and rustic, and the joy of the couple was contagious. It was great to see how God worked to bring Amy & Bart together and the gift of such a great day that He gave them.

Things I loved about this wedding:

I love it that Amy wore a veil over her seems more and more brides are opting out of this, and I miss it. I love that moment when the groom picks up the veil and kisses his bride.

and I love it that her brothers were game to do the cute photo at the bottom...they're sweet guys!

and I love it that Bart was no way, no how, not letting go of his bride once she was proclaimed his! This guy knows what a treasure he has!!

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