cat and mouse

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

when i arrived at my mom's house last Friday night, Figaro (the only cat my mom has ever put up with for more than a year or so) met me in the driveway and came in the house with me. I put my bag down on the kitchen floor and was chatting away with my mom & stepdad when we noticed Figgy nuzzling my bag. Actually (side note: has anyone noticed how hysterically funny it is to hear a 6-year-old use the word "actually" in conversation?), he wasn't so much nuzzling as just laying his head on my bag as though it was a long-lost friend. a long-lost, very-much-missed friend.

a few minutes later, i remembered what I had in my bag. my mouse. for my laptop.



JulieMom said...

THAT'S a good cat who can sniff out ANY mouse! Does your Mom rent him out? What's the going rate?

jen said...

i'm pretty sure it's "priceless."