summer in NY

Monday, July 23, 2007

sun? check.
crisp white clouds? check.
wispy white clouds? check.
deep blue lake water? check.
boat? check.
family? check.
turkey, provolone, L, T, O, & strawberry cheesecake for dessert? check.

Couldn’t have ordered up a better day for my Saturday. Slept in at my mom’s place, loaded up the truck and took a drive to Canadarago lake for a few hours on the boat with mom, stepdad, brother & sister-in-law.

It’s almost hard to describe how perfect the day was. I didn’t get too hot or too cold or too hungry or too full or too happy or too sad. Like goldilocks finding the right porridge and bed, I was content. And I didn’t even get woken up by a family of bears after my nap.


RachelBond said...

I love the pic of the clouds. I had a similar experience on the exact same Saturday, as I drove up to Lake Luzerne/Lake George (and back). Such a beautiful day! The mountains were begging for hikers, the trees were gently shading everyone they could reach, the lake was reflecting the glory of the Sun. I felt so undeserving, yet grateful.

jen said...

I think 2 summers ago was my "summer of clouds." I have so many photos of clouds that year...they were just so amazing, and I could look at them for hours...I think I know what you mean.