adrenaline rush

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I love roller coasters. So when my company decided to make our summer company picnic a day at a nearby amusement park, I was thrilled. Free tickets, free parking and free lunch...and all the time I wanted to ride roller coasters all day.

Then, two days in a row, I got a fortune cookie that said "THERE IS A PROSPECT OF A THRILLING TIME AHEAD FOR YOU." How perfect is that??

It's a little odd that I am so willing to spend 40 minutes waiting in line for 73 seconds of adrenaline rush. But I am. It's somehow worth it. The nonchalant ease with which I slipped into my seat and lowered the safety bar or buckled myself in after putting my hat & sunglasses in a cubby belied the giddiness inside as I looked forward to that crazy 200-foot-drop or whatever corkscrew dive or backwards loop was ahead. That was a really long sentence. Sorry. Try again, you'll get it.

Having a good friend along helps, as you can spend that 40 minutes in good conversation. And she can distract you on the ride up to the top of the roller coaster (always the part that reproduces the most butterflies for me). We covered evangelism techniques, praying before meals, favorite colors, what being "relevant" means, Italian fair rides (where they are encouraged to joust with one another on the swings!), job stresses, and various and sundry other random topics. We kept refilling my one water bottle at a drinking fountain, since the park wanted $3 for a drink, and we shared a $7 chicken dinner served by a guy named Hirushi...or something like that.

We tried to ride the huge Ferris wheel, which is truly the highlight of this park, especially at sunset, but the guy behind us in line was drunk and spitting and really pretty scary. And I don't scare easily. My friend cut to the front of the line and sicced the staff on him, so we decided to just ease on out of line at that point.

One order of very fresh fried dough covered in powdered sugar later, and we were on the road home...all in all another fantastic day. The Lord has been showering me with them lately :)

I was traveling camera-free, so no fun photos. Good thing, since we got 100% soaked on 2 of the first rides we rode!


Anonymous said...

I believe Hirushi served me steak once - LOL :-)

Sounds like a great time but then again most things involving you usually guarantee a good time! Keep smiling chica!

I am not much for roller coasters but I have definitely experienced the biggest adrenaline rush riding the LORD's roller coaster especially since I was in the front row, sweating bullets and scared to death until the LORD reached over and assured me He was coming along for the ride and I would not ever have to do it alone.

Don't get me wrong cuz it's still pretty scary at times and let's face it, you will never see me run to be first on line but if it weren't then would I really get an adrenaline rush! At least I know that I am not alone. Whoa! :-)

jen said...

wow. here I do a totally shallow post and you turn it into a whole spiritual growth lesson! :)

glad you're able to look at life and see the Lord in all things...

Janice said...

"Crazy-scary = more fun" ... that is a math question only Christians can truly appreciate! Eternal rewards are so worth the ride- fear and all!!