Friday, August 17, 2007

I have some dear friends who let me house sit for them now and then. It's really a great deal for both of us, because I get to get away from the chaos of my own apartment and stay in a nice, comfortable house "out in the country" and listen to their pet birds chatter inside and do my laundry and watch the wildlife gather in their backyard from the hammock strung by their pond, while they get someone to truck in the bucket-loads of mail they receive each day and to make sure their birds don't die of starvation. I think I really do get the better end of the deal.

They're growing some gorgeous roses now, so I thought I'd indulge in my love of photographing flowers. I'm kind of amazed I haven't shown any doors yet on this blog, because that's my other photography obsession. I'll have to remedy that soon. For now, here is the hammock.


Janice said...

I need your camera skills!!! Beeeee-you-tee-full pictures!!

jen said...

hey, thanks! I so enjoy finding things to shoot...the Lord Jesus makes it beautiful...I just happen along at the right time to capture it!