Brian & Allison

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brian is one of the funniest people I know. We worked together several years ago, and he kept our whole department entertained with cartoons and dry wisecracks pretty much continually. He was handed the name “Potter” as soon as the Harry movies started coming out, because he really did bear a striking resemblance to the boy-wizard.

When he emailed me out of the blue asking about wedding photography, I was excited for him, and enjoyed meeting Allison and seeing how perfect a match she is for Brian. I had a good time with them, shooting photos and being silly and reassuring them that yes, indeed, it was all almost over.

Some of my favorite things:
•The illustration Brian created to use on the wedding invitations and programs
•Brian calling Allison his "pre-wife"
•The "Let 'em stare" and some of the other funky touches at the salon where the bride & bridesmaids got hair and makeup done
•Some of the cool details of the church building

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