right in front of my toes

Monday, October 15, 2007

It’s funny how I tend to look miles and years away, and not see what’s merely an inch or a moment beyond me.

One of my favorite parts of my vacation was strolling the mostly-deserted beach, looking for sea glass and interesting stones. I was sad that I had to leave the ocean behind.

Well, it turns out that I live merely 16-minutes from a very strollable, mostly deserted beach with plenty of sea glass and interesting stones. And leaves. Just because it's not the ocean doesn't mean it isn't beautiful.

So I found myself with an hour to spare, at the beach with my camera. On a windy, overcast October Saturday. Yellow leaves and gray stones prevailed. With a red leaf/white stone combo thrown in for good measure.

I like how the two timer photos turned out: in one, I and the lake are both still. In the other, we’re both in motion.

p.s. okay, so I have fairly small feet, but how big was this animal???


Christina said...

Love the crocks in the last photo! :-)

Janice said...

So did you post the timed photos because they were of your best side? I like your face! Tee!Hee!

Anonymous said...

Let us keep this "G" rated ladies - :-)