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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Someone accused me a while back of not liking change. This really surprised me, as I feel like I'm the least consistent person I know...rarely doing anything the same way twice. I would say that I really like change...but perhaps I'm more predictable than I think?

Regardless…sometimes the change happens without even regarding our opinion. And sometimes it's all good. And sometimes it takes a while to see the advantages of shaking things up a bit.

3 big changes right now in my life:

1. My church has built a new building and we've moved in.

2. The company I work for is also moving...I get to live and work in the same zip code now!

3. Some very dear friends have moved to another country for a while.

None of these things is a bad change. None of them really has anything to do with me, but they all affect my life to a degree.

I love the new church building...it's beautiful, well-designed and just a great place to gather with my brothers & sisters in Christ to worship & serve together. I'm still touring around the auditorium, sitting in a different section each time I'm in a service, trying not to settle into a rut too soon. So far, I've visited 6 out of 8 seating sections. When I first started coming to this church 9 years ago, I decided to always sit in the same section, so I could at least start to become familiar with the people around me, and I'd feel like I knew someone. It was a bit overwhelming to me, coming from a church of around 100-150 to one with 600 people in one of it's three services. It worked, as most people are creatures of habits, and I could usually predict within a pew or two where certain people would sit. I think I'll stay a bit unpredictable for a while.

I'm thrilled about working just over a mile from where I live. I have grandiose plans of walking to work most days. I had a couple days of cleaning/purging/organizing energy last week, and got rid of a bunch of stuff in my office corner. I'm really looking forward to getting into the new space and making it a great place to create. It will be nice to be located near some great lunch spots, and to be in a neighborhood conducive to walking. Since my church commute is a bit longer now, I may even out on gas money!

The grate on the left is located pretty close to where my new workstation will be. The design department gets what is currently the garage. You can see my corner on the right. Don't worry, I'll show an "after" shot when it's all done.

And I'm so excited for my friends and the adventure they get to live for the next six months in a totally different culture and climate. I'm looking forward to hearing stories of the people they meet, the places they go and the many ways they adjust as a family to this new stage of their lives.

Change can be refreshing, offering an opportunity for a new start. Allowing us to take a look at things in a different way, checking out which things are a part of our lives because they ought to be, and which things are just old habits.

Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing…

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Anonymous said...

Great thoughts about change. We also moved into a new rented church room and I've switched sides both weeks so far...will see where my "spot" becomes in the new place. can't wait to see a finished photo of your work spot - nothing like starting from scratch! Keep open to change - it keeps you young!