beauty in dying

Monday, November 5, 2007

I am drawn to rusty surfaces, weathered wood, worn stone, old brick. I am fascinated by abandoned buildings, and love to explore them and speculate on why they have been forsaken. I find beauty in the natural decay of things.

(Not, mind you, rotting vegetables in my crisper drawer, and cheese in my milk jug!)

But rusty surfaces on train cars, and worn-off paint on barns, leaves drying up and queen-anne's lace turning from feathery green and white to crispy brown…these things hold my eye. Even, yes, cracked window panes caked with years of grime.

Fall is my favorite season.

I love the beauty of these months of dying.


Dave said...

Months of dying?

How morbid!

jen said...

this from a guy with 12 guns.

(okay, not that guns are necessarily morbid...I'm just sayin')

Janice said...

I bet you could find a way... if you really tried, to make those veggies and cheese look beautiful!

so are you ready to do an 8 1/2 x 11
glossy for a few folks going to say... Zambia?

jen said...

hey, let's get started :-)

Dave said...


You might want to revise that number now ;)

Wanna buy one?

BTW, I really like your pictures, very artistic. I so miss the 4 seasons. I miss lots of things, but that's how it goes. Sometimes I come "home" just to see, and when I can't, pictures sometimes are the next best thing.

jen said...


but I think I'll just keep shooting with my Nikon :)

Glad you're enjoying the pics…I'll likely have some snowy ones soon…we've had a couple of days with flakes in the air, so I'm just waiting for it to stick!