Aaron & Sue

Monday, November 5, 2007

Things I loved about Sue & Aaron's wedding:

1. The great colors in the flower arrangements. My favorite orange roses were featured prominently in the bouquets.

2. They kissed every time the forks chimed against the glasses...no complaining even once!

3. It was clear that these two are much loved in their families & church community. The flower girl sobbed her eyes out the whole way back down the aisle, hating the thought of the bride moving away.

4. I'm always on the lookout for an alternative to the unity candle...that part of the ceremony has never really thrilled my soul. Sue & Aaron signed the marriage certificate as part of the ceremony instead of doing a unity candle. I've been to weddings where the signing was almost forgotten!

5. The musicians, and the song they picked. I wish I could remember what the song was, because it was a beautiful one worshiping Jesus.

6. When the groomsmen decorated the car, they wrote "tonite's the nite!" on it. Not to be crass, by any means, and not to be harsh on those who didn't do things this way, but I'm always encouraged to find that there are couples who are saving the best gift of all for after the marriage covenant. Too often, the marriage ceremony changes nothing…it just gives a piece of paper and allows the couple to share health insurance. I firmly believe that the Lord blesses a commitment to purity…both before and after marriage.

7. The spontaneous expressions of excitement between the bride & her maids...this was one happy wedding!

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