boy pirates

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This was my favorite snap from Thanksgiving weekend. "Social gathering snapshots" don't always turn out all that well for me. Since I like natural light, but I have a hard time getting people to sit still for the slow shutter speed. Gotta get me a faster lens, I guess. All the boys gathered for Thanksgiving dinner (on the day after Thanksgiving) headed outside to be pirates while the adults sat around digesting dinner so we could dig into the pies. Sometimes I wish I had been a little boy. They just seem to have so much fun.

See? She doesn't look like she's having fun at all.

Actually, this little one was sweet. Awake and alert and just pretty content. It's so fun to have friends having babies.

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Dave said...

Sorry, I posted in the wrong blog before.

But anyway...rumor has it you guys have snow....go get some pictures before it melts or something!