brain dead fridays

Saturday, December 1, 2007

so, there is a plethora of intelligent, accomplished women in blogland who have started things like "works for me wednesday," "work in progress thursday," or "missions mondays."

I'm thinking of starting "brain-dead Fridays."

Here's my story:

I'm in Target, shopping for work (yes, I get paid to shop occasionally. Please don't hate me.). I am searching for just the right table top or other flat surface that we can use for our next photoshoot. So I'm pushing my mammoth Target shopping cart (why DO they make them so big?) up and down the aisles, stopping every now and then to get a closer look at something, and eventually find what I'm pretty sure is the right thing. It has one of those stickers that cautions you to lift it with some help or else black jagged lines will shoot out of your back, so I'm trying to figure out how to get it to drop off the shelf right into my cart so I don't have to track down an employee.

As I manouevre my cart closer to the shelf where the box is, I realize that my cart is full of stuff.

Not my stuff.


I glance around furtively, trying to see if anyone is frantically searching for their cart FULL OF STUFF that they left RIGHT HERE, HONEY, I'M POSITIVE! There is a couple at the end of my aisle, so I ask them if I have stolen their cart. Nope. I hope those security cameras weren't being closely monitored at the time, b/c that one will for sure make it into the permanent collection. I'm laughing all by myself as I search for my TOTALLY EMPTY cart. I found one. No idea if it was really mine, or if this was a second theft, but I hauled the box into it and took off for the registers.

As I fled the scene, I did see a lady peering suspiciously down aisle after aisle. I just hope she realizes that she's not losing her mind, and she really did leave her cart RIGHT THERE.

This is what happens when I work too much.


Janice said...

I like it!...the whole idea of brain dead Fridays- not stealing unsuspecting shoppers respective carts! So why, oh why did you blurr yourself? Never know who might see you!!!
And I do like the feet picture... very telling in a "Walk a mile in my shoes" sort of way!

Christina said...

I cannot stop laughing that you ended up w/someone elses cart. It had to be you!

Anonymous said...

We call this dinginess - or being dingy. You can still qualify for the "early-onset dinginess" . Bummer for me I've gone headlong into the "age onset dinginess" and am heading towards the "can't realize I'm dingy" category!

jen said...


I'm so glad to have it all defined so clearly!! Thanks!

miss you!