things i like

Friday, January 25, 2008

I started this list months ago, figuring it shouldn't take me too long to get to 100 things. It just seemed like a nice round number to get to and then post. But I've been stuck at 52 for a while (though I know I like more than 52 things…I wanted them to be unique and significant in some way), and the idea came to me to do a photo study of this list of things I like, working on one per week for a year. So I think I'll make it a project for myself. Not sure when I'll start. I'd like to end up with a photo that illustrates each of the things on my list. Some will be harder than others. But I'm due for a challenge.

here's my list of things i like:

real parmesan cheese. (i eat it by the slice)
the silence of a snowstorm.
that ache inside that happens when i see something beyond beautiful.
laughing with friends until i cry. (more cowbell, anyone?)
the smell of onions sizzling in butter.
a firm handshake.
surprises. (happy ones, anyway.)
a really inspired color combo.
catching a significant moment with my camera.
those clouds that look like they've got a hard edge.
leaving on a jet plane.
the always-enduring mercy of the Lord.
black raspberries right off the bush.
piano solos. (not played by me, but enjoyed by me!)
blueberry coffee from dunkin donuts.
standing on the edge of the ocean, getting the sand sucked out from under my feet.
getting lost in a really good story.
good hair days.
hundreds of men's voices lifted together in praise of the Lord Jesus.
snuggly babies.
old hymns.
really dark chocolate.
wool sweaters.
an unexpected free afternoon.
a well-worn Bible.
colored sharpies.
nighttime strolls.
finishing a race.
fresh-from-the-oven muffins.
real maple syrup.
that last bite of an ice cream cone.
waking up and not needing to get up yet.
an open road and wide-open windows.
sleeping under the stars.
the crunch of autumn leaves.
sea glass.
the noise of a printing press.
partially frozen Pepsi.
dump trucks.
beautifully textured paper.
pumpkin spice lattes.
the word "wonky."
abandoned buildings.
the sound of the ocean.
the first frost.
giggling with children.
office supply stores.


Victoria said...

no clams?

Dave said...

Oh clam up vicki..hardee har har :)

I tunes rock!

Anonymous said...

blueberry coffee? never tried that one

jen said...

oh, the blueberry is my summer favorite. You'll have to try it next time you're stateside in the warm months! I switch to toasted almond sometime in the fall. their pumpkin spice isn't nearly as good as starbucks, so I bypass that one at DD!

ed's girl said...

i thought Pepsi would be much higher on the list :)
i loved the beach sand being sucked out from underfoot--had forgotten how that feels?!2#$
WHUSSSSSSSs UPPPP? long time, old friend. what's happened, oh, the past 7 yrs? I as you've seen had a crazy # of kids--wow life has turned me upside down--i get glimpses of the old me and they quickly fade--i would love to find that girl again--maybe someday? i'll email you and try to catch up little bits at a time~kim