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Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am finally getting somewhere with the 1200+ photos I took for the last wedding I shot! I tend to get a bit overwhelmed with the enormity of a task like that, but once I get into it, I find some gems and I realize that I should have started sooner (if I could have). Fortunately, this bride and groom is quite understanding and hasn't hassled me at all!!

This was my first shoot in our new church building, so it was the first time I had quick access to the height needed for an overall shot of the sanctuary during the ceremony. Fortunately, I didn't trip on the stairs or make a commotion or anything! Take note of the huge pile of rose petals halfway down the aisle, where the flower girl dumped them out, froze, then turned and ran back into the arms of the wedding coordinator rather than endure any more of that nonsense.

This was a great bride to be a bridesmaid for! She just wanted the girls to pick out whatever black dress they wanted, and wear a pink ribbon "somewhere." That was all the direction she gave…and the final look was fun.

I kinda hope this sweet lady in pink is someone special to the bride and/or groom, because I really like the shot regardless, but it would have so much more meaning if this was like the favorite great-aunt who used to babysit one of them or something!

they had the wording of their invitation wrapped around the unity candle. I really like the bejeweled butterflies they had attached.

so, as we were taking the group photos up on the stage, one of these flower arrangements spontaneously fell off its stand. ruh roh. it was lovely while it lasted, though…and it did last through the ceremony!

this was a fun one of the guys…I wasn't sure how it would turn out, with the huge skylights confusing my light meter. No, the groom is not bald…just very blonde! (and by that, I don't mean ditzy blonde, either…I'm referring purely to the color!)

a bit of an overzealous flash…but I like the effect on this getaway shot. It almost seems silly to point out how beautiful the bride is, but I really love this shot…isn't she lovely??

couldn't resist trying this one out. I've seen a few other photographers do something similar and I like the depth it gives. I always loved those photos that have someone holding a photo of…oh, I can't even explain what I mean in words. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? Actually, now that I think of it, those things kinda irritate me.

Anyway. stay tuned for more…there should be a bunch up in my photo gallery soon.


Victoria said...

Thank you so much for posting these! They were as great as I thought they'd be - which is why I nagged you!:)

Seeing as "someone else" hasn't been able to say it here in a while - you are very talented!:)

MarkandBeth said...

That bride sure does sound like a good one...easy on her wedding party and no nagging of the photographer she must have a good grasp on the important things in life :) LOL...Can't wait to see all the pictures done you are Amazing!

heather said...

Where were you when I got married??? I would have loved to have had you as my photographer. Your pictures are great!! I'll have to snag you sometime to take some of my kids. You are very talented, just a Vicki said!!!!