oh. yum.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

yes, those are fresh black raspberries, grown by the side of my childhood home.

and yes, that is real cream, whipped fresh just before being brought to the table.

and yes, that is a homemade crust, made by the queen of homemade crusts (aka: mom).

I'm not sure dessert gets any better than this.

and yes, the cat's a little weird, but not quite as evil as this picture makes him out to be.

and no, we did not feed pie to the cat.


Janice said...

I thought maybe the kitty ate some of the blueberry pie and like in Charlie and the chocolate factory was turning a little blue from it...

he kind of does look possessed!

Christina said...

I thought it could be the missing cat from Collett's blog! Ha ha ha.

Victoria said...

scary cat!

looks delicious.

no, not the cat.;)

Anonymous said...

I know you took some pretty pictures of me. How come you didn't post them. I've been friendly to you all these years and this is what I get? Just wait till the next time you're here. What's that? Hair in her pie? Hmmm. Figgy

JulieMom said...

Ok, that's just wrong.

The cat, not the pie.