Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sorting through 1297 wedding photos is a pretty daunting task (why, oh why do I take so many?!), so I thought I'd play with something totally un-wedding related. I love finding little details in random places that let me play with texture and color and simple composition (my rule #1: don't center the focal point of a photo…have you figured that one out yet?). The rusty faucet head caught my eye, so I stooped down to take a photo, and found a bonus drip making its way out.

It's the litte things that make me smile.

And, since I've never loved the color of this house I live in, I thought I'd try the black & white route.

and then a some of each. can you find my goof in the color plus bxw one?


Victoria said...

The drip isn't clear - it still has the color of the house coming through it. If the house has "no" color, neither should the water drop. Am I right?

jen said...

Vicki, you win the prize!! Too bad there isn't actually a prize :-)

Victoria said...

What about those magazines you were offering?!:)

Christina said...

Go Vicki!!! I would have never found that without um...a million clues! LOL--you mean that isn't the color of water? Great pics as always, my friend!!!! :-) Have a great weekend in Utica.

JulieMom said...

I hope you don't drink from that faucet. Bright turquoise water...ew. :0)