pretty messy

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

how many of you know someone who, when her list of things to be done tonight (if she were to write it) would be approximately as long as I-95, decides to, instead of cleaning her apartment (which would be items number 1-47 on her list) chooses instead to take photographs of her mess? And then sits down and blogs about it?

If you have stumbled upon my blog by accident, your answer to the above question is quite likely "zero." This is normal, and shouldn't concern you.

If you read my blog because you know me, the answer to the above question is, as much as this may disturb you, "at least one."

But look at how pretty my mess is!!

okay, maybe that one isn't so pretty. had to be honest about the dust.

anyone want some magazines?


Anonymous said...

Gotta be the most beautiful mess I've ever seen. :)

Victoria said...

Good thing a certain someone is in a place where Blogger is not allowed. Oh, the sarcastic remarks he would make!

Um, any unopened bills in that mess, er, art?

I find it ironic that your magazine of choice is titled "Real Simple."


jen said...

Vicki: I know, I love the irony! And crazy me, I'll probably send him the pics anyway :-)

angry georgian: thanks for stopping by!

crisco said...

you are just looking for excuses to play with your new lens!

jen said...

yeah, you're probably right, crisco!

becky said...

Vicki took the words out of my

I laugh at the bills part. Don't let someone find out if there were some in there!

Sure are fun pictures to look at though.

Aunt Bossy said...

Jen, this is why I love you...

Whereas I would march in and immediately begin to organize and categorize and sanitize, you are able to stop & see neat shapes, altered perspectives, cool compositions, then capture those on film to share with the rest of us.

Because without your help, I would never see the beauty--just the mess. I'm so glad the body of Christ isn't made up of people just like me--we would miss so much as we charge ahead getting things done. Us Martha-types need you Mary-types!

(However, should you ever decide to really organize & clean, I'd be happy to help...) ;-)

Oh, and regarding your most recent post, I'm REALLY glad you take so many wedding pictures. Of course I'm biased, given that you photographed my wedding almost 3 years ago this month... More work for you, but such precious memories for us!

(I'm hoping you've figured out who I am by now--if not, let me know & I'll try to find you on Sunday!)


Anonymous said...

If they only knew how small your apartment is that contains all of that creative mess!

jen said...

well, aunt bossie, I think yours is the only July wedding I ever shot, and I think I was the most efficient with processing your photos as I ever was, since I was leaving for Zambia like 2 weeks after your wedding! For some reason I thought it was longer ago than that…

Thanks for commenting!! And I'll for sure put you on my preferred list of People Who Can Organize My Life When I'm Unembarrassed Enough To Ask For Help.


Christina said...

I love you!!!!! See this is exactly how God is. He sees the mess we are and turns it into something beautiful-just like you did w/capturing your apartment. You are the greatest friend ever and inspire me to see thru your "lens" and God's eyes! Muah!

Melita said...

Ha! Shannon was right - you're a kindred spirit! My stack of RealSimple magazines is also surrounded by very un-RealSimple mayhem... plus a few blobs of dried peanut butter and some scattered cheerios.
Nice lens!